Eco Offer

Return your empty jars for redeemable points!


  1. You must have a Rewards account with us to receive the discount. Click the gift icon on the bottom left corner to enroll.
  2. Earn redeemable points in your account.
  3. Points will be awarded within 3 business days. Kindly nudge us if you do not receive your points in time.
  4. You cannot exchange jars for products.
  5. Jars must have the original metal lid.
  6. We will only accept our own glass jars. Please do not send us another company's packaging.
  7. Jars must be clean and undamaged to be eligible for points, including the lid. We will accept damaged jars regardless, but they will not be eligible for points. 
  8. Include your full name and the email you used to create your account  in your return package.
  9. Offer currently available only in Nairobi.



Step 1

Clean and scrub out your jars of remaining product residue. Receiving already clean jars makes the sanitization process a million times easier for us, so we greatly appreciate it :) You may keep the labels on.

Step 2

Include your full name and email address in the package. If you do not include your email address we cannot guarantee you will receive points.

Step 3

Give your empty jars to our rider when they come to deliver your order. Alert us of the return by saying so in the 'Special Instructions' section of your checkout page on our website.

Step 4

Once we receive your jars, we will add the discount to your reward account in the form of points which you can redeem at anytime. For every jar returned you will receive 700 points. 700 points = Ksh 35.

Make sure you wrap the jars really well to protect them on their journey! We recommend using old newspaper or magazines as wrapping materials. And leave the lids on.



Here are some ideas. Turn them into:

  • pen/toothbrush/candle holders
  • spare change tins
  • planters
  • spice holders for your pantry
  • you can even sell them ;D

At Ayanna Handmade, we conduct our business with a passionate responsibility for environmental sustainability and social change. Help us reduce waste for a healthier earth. Remember, there's no planet B. Dispose responsibly.